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Climate change and Agriculture

Environmental issues is Tonga, such as a lack of understanding about the effects of plastic waste on both the local and global environment and oceans stem from a lack of education in this area, as well as inherited values of waste disposal. In the past all waste was organic and therefore not an environmental issue. Today the waste material is predominately plastic and discarded on beaches which eventually ends up in the ocean. Talanoa trust's mission is to educate young people in the hope that they will pass this knowledge onto their families educating them on the detrimental effects of plastic waste in the ocean. We organise groups of young people to pick up plastic waste from beaches before it enters the ocean. This activity is combined with educational clips on the global effects of plastic in the pacific, climate change and the environment. 

Within the Kingdom of Tonga, agricultural issues are at the heart of everyday life. As climate change takes effect and impacts on traditional food sources such as fishing; volcanic eruptions that cause damage to crops, unprecedented weather events impacting on livelihoods and more. Talanoa trust is committed to educating people of all ages in this area. Our program of creating community gardens and growing sustainable healthy crops that aim to improve diets and combat issues like diabetes and obesity is at the heart of our work.             

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