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Youth Development

Women and Youth Development

Music Program

A unanimous resolution was passed at a Talanoa Community Trust meeting to raise funds and work towards creating a designated centre to cater the needs of Women and afterschool youth. Currently Vava'u does not have any such facility, therefore, we are responding to an identified need. The community centre that we propose to create will provide a safe and empathetic environment for women and after-school youth to meet and engage in activities such developing small business skills,  computer skills, languages. Currently, several trustees are teaching women  voluntarily and engaging whenever they can. A fit for purpose community centre will bring these activities under one roof and under the guidance of a trained facilitators. The Talanoa Community Trust will provide a service where women and youth can access the internet with an appropriate device, which is often an impediment to learning due to overcrowded housing, poverty, and the inability to access a suitable computer. The community centre will offer a quiet area for discussion groups or one- on- one mentoring. It will be available for women and youth to explore possible career pathways and look at business and income earning opportunities. The Talanoa community centre will also serve as a meeting place where positive peer relationships can be established and women and young people can connect and in engage on their own terms as a pathway to increased well-being. 

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